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  • “Doug is a captivating speaker. He offers a wealth of practical information on time management, business development and general business skills for attorneys. He presents information in a way that is interesting and easy to understand and apply. Each and every time I have interacted with Doug, I have come away with a new perspective to apply to my life or business.”

    Karen J.S. Gallagher. Partner. Ouellette, Deganis & Gallagher, Cheshire, CT
  • “I count on Doug for advice on how to best structure and grow my practice, and he delivers. His insights, strategies, and tips have proven invaluable. I highly recommend him.”

    Steven Kolodziej, Esq. Law Office of Steven Kolodziej, LLC
  • “Doug worked with me to break down the barriers holding us back. He helped me see all of the pieces of the puzzle that needed solving. We are now on a positive path... Doug also helped us implement a focused approach to marketing and sales. Everyone is focused on the success of the company. With Doug’s help it’s getting fun again.”

    Dave Drescher, President, Drescher Insurance

I work best with people who are

  • Successful, smart and driven to succeed.
  • Committed to continuous improvement.
  • Want the best for themselves and their families.
  • Aware of the value of coaching and will take the actions necessary to achieve their goals.

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The 5 keys to increased engagement, productivity and profit.


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