About Me

I help business owners, CEOs & professionals
lead confidently through transitions and pivot points
to achieve their goals, make more money,
and live more satisfying lives.

What I do …

Successful business owners, CEOs, and professionals seek me out to help them reinvigorate their businesses and secure it for the future so they can achieve the freedom they’ve always wanted.

They seek fresh perspectives, expertise, and accountability so they can:

  • Drive greater revenue and profit
  • Improve personal and team performance
  • Innovate and create new value
  • Resolve complex conflicts and solve difficult problems
  • Achieve freedom and flexibility
  • Prepare for personal and business transitions

They are super successful and they are:

  • Tired of the long hours and endless demands
  • Feeling a bit restless and trapped
  • Longing for more freedom

My unique approach to executive business coaching gives my clients:

  • Concierge-level individual support to accomplish their goals and objectives
  • Proven principles of peak performance and continuous improvement
  • Exactly the resources they need to accelerate results
  • Effective strategic and operations planning and execution
  • Key habits for continued success, consistent action, and enjoying measurable results
  • Exponential increases in productivity and prosperity
  • Control of their time, energy, and attention.

Clients Served … 

Family Business Owners Planning to Step Back or Exit the Business 

These owners have built a business that revolves around them. They would love to be able to step out of the weeds without losing control so they can enjoy life more – or move on to the next thing. They want to gain time freedom and be able to step back or exit without leaving money on the table.

They identify with challenges like:

  • Transferring their knowledge, skills, and abilities so the business runs without them.
  • Training the next generation of leaders
  • Establishing a succession plan and transitioning strategy
  • Making the best possible decisions about their future

Business Professionals who seek time freedom and satisfying lives

They are lawyers, accountants, and financial advisors who manage an active practice and are well-regarded in their community. They want the freedom to enjoy what they’ve built but they feel like they are in a pie-eating contest where the reward is more pie. 

They identify with challenges like:

  • Growing revenue and profits and escaping the time-for-money trap.
  • Increasing productivity of their professionals and staff
  • Making the most of the time they have through prioritization and delegation
  • Becoming the best leader rather than the highest producer in the firm.

CEOs of Growing Companies Who Need to Scale and Sustain Success

They lead a business with lots of customers and new opportunities. They need to find a way to build capacity and productivity to sustain growth and be ready for coming disruptions

They identify with challenges like:

  • Attracting and retaining high performing employees
  • Building capacity to serve more customers
  • Maintaining and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Building a resilient and sustainable organization

Executives & Professionals Seeking Growth & Career Satisfaction

They are successful professionals and executives. But something is missing. They feel like they are on autopilot and have lost their purpose.  They wonder if this is it. 

They identify with challenges like:

  • Worrying that it is too late to change, or what people will think.
  • Fearing they don’t have any transferable skills.
  • Not knowing what they really want to do – and defaulting to what they know.
  • Not giving themselves permission to explore and discover what they really want
  • Not knowing where to start.

About Me … 

As a certified executive and business coach, an attorney who pivoted to the C-Suite, and became an educator entrepreneur, business builder, and fixer I know how to identify and overcome the blockers and blind spots that hold businesses back.

Executive Coaching is a proven way to dramatically improve the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations. A Metrix Global study found that executive coaching has a 788% return on investment (ROI) based on factors including increases in productivity and employee retention.

Areas of Expertise …

Strategic Planning & Execution

Organizational Development

Leadership & Team Performance

Business Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions

Strategic Partnerships

Profit & Loss Management

Marketing, Sales & Business Development

Human Resource Management

Operations & Technolgy Improvement

Legal, Procurement & Compliance

Industry Experience …

Law & Legal Services

Professional Services 

Consulting & Training

Supply Chain & Logistics

Luxury Retail

Real Estate & Construction


Associations & Non-Profits
Profits & Professional Associations


What Clients are Saying … 


“I knew where I wanted to go, but I needed a strategy and a plan of action to help get me there. Doug Brown provided the answer. He put me on a track by helping me set personal goals and objectives and put into practice important skills to build an effective marketing strategy that will help develop new opportunities. I would recommend Doug’s services to any attorney or business executive seeking to build a strategy and grow his business.” – Matthew Hallisey


“Doug helped me grow my business by more than 30% within a year”. – Scott Ashton. View Scott’s full testimonial here: https://bit.ly/SAshton


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