5 Tips To Become a Better Leader

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things”

 – Peter Drucker

We are all managers, leaders and individual contributors – and often at the same time!    As leaders we want to get the most out of our team, so

Coach Doug5 Tips To Become a Better Leader
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3 Ways to Spur Innovation to Meet Your Next Challenge

Sometimes it’s hard to think about innovation when you’re caught up in the day to day of running your business, finding new customers and finding time for family.

This Management Tip of the Day provides some ideas for getting ready for the next challenge.

Coach Doug3 Ways to Spur Innovation to Meet Your Next Challenge
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The Value of Bad Meetings

Yes.  There is value in bad meetings.   In fact the problem – conflict – resolution – review cycle is difficult to achieve when every aspect of a meeting has been scripted and executed to perfection.   The purpose of meetings is to make progress and get things done.    In this post and conversation in the Harvard Business Review’s Blog, author Dan Burrier leads an interesting conversation about the value of bad meetings to the improvement process.

Coach DougThe Value of Bad Meetings
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5 Steps to Behavioral Change

Developing yourself as a leader isn’t easy; behavioral change is hard, time-consuming, and frustrating. However, removing the five most common roadblocks to change can make your path to self improvement better:

1)  Take ownership. If you don’t think you can change, you can’t. Believe in your ability to change and take ownership before getting started.

Coach Doug5 Steps to Behavioral Change
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Achieving Your Business Development Goals

The second quarter has begun.  Now is the time to give yourself a “goal checkup” to make sure your on track for the coming year – specifically your business development goals.  You not only need to know how you’re doing – but why things are happening or not.

A great way to do this is to use the SMART construct:  Specific, Measurable,Realistic and Timebound.  

Coach DougAchieving Your Business Development Goals
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Get your project going

Sometimes you just need to start a project.   In a firm run by committee you may find yourself stuck in a legal version of red tape.  Don’t fight it.  Consider two ways to get going:

Get an early win.   Define what you want to do in concrete terms.  Identify the first win that will lead to others – and prove the worth of what you want to do.

Coach DougGet your project going
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Positioning Your Businesss for Success: Productivity @ Work

This is a piece I originally authored for and published in INC. Magazine’s Productivity @ Work feature.
People line up for all sorts of things—to get tickets to a hot show or sporting event, to buy the latest smartphone or tablet device, to rub shoulders with the rich and famous—and the best place to be in any queue is always towards the front. You should think of your business the same way. No matter what product or service you’re selling, when the time comes for your customers or prospects to make a buying decision, you want your business to be top of mind. Here are some tips for making that happen.
Coach DougPositioning Your Businesss for Success: Productivity @ Work
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Build Mentoring Relationships for Success

Having the right mentor is a key to success in growing your career.  Mentoring is also the way that essential knowledge is passed from one generation to the next.   It is actually harder to maintain a healthy mentoring relationship than it is to get one started.   Consider these three things to keep mentoring relationships going:

Coach DougBuild Mentoring Relationships for Success
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Grabbing your Audiences’ Attention

Do you want people to understand and act on what you write or what you say?   If you want someone to pay attention to you then you have to frame your message in a way that is attractive to them.   We think about this when we craft formal presentations – yet it is just as important for short communications via email and in-person conversations.  Here are some tips from the HBR Management Tip of the Day:

Coach DougGrabbing your Audiences’ Attention
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