Busting Midlife Career Myths-2

Let’s keep busting midlife career myths …

So here are another few of my favorites and why they are B.S. …

1. To find real satisfaction you’ll need to change careers.

So many professionals are dissatisfied – but they are not sure why. They think the answer is to do a hard pivot to a totally new thing. That might be true for some. But I’ve seen professionals’ job satisfaction skyrocket with relatively minor shifts in mindset and operations. If you are not completely satisfied with your career don’t start by believing you need to start all over. Get curious about what’s bothering you – and use your critical thinking skills to really unpack it so you see what’s going on.

2. There isn’t enough time – you’re a short-timer

Wrong. Even entrepreneurs who start a new business often look to build it and sell it off within 5 years. You’ve got 15+ years left. Use your wisdom to build what you’ve always dreamed of building. You’ve got everything you need.

3. You’re being selfish – you should be grateful for what you have.

You deserve to do work that is challenging and fulfilling. Being grateful for what you have doesn’t mean that you should ignore things that aren’t working. You spend more than a third of your life at your job. It isn’t greedy to want to dedicate that time to something enjoyable where you are doing your best work.

4. You’re stuck in your ways or you are an “established personality”

Yes, you’ve discovered ways of doing things that work for you – and you’ve got a track record of getting results. Since when is that a bad thing? If you’ve gotten this far then you’ve demonstrated that you are resilient and can adapt to changing conditions. And you have the judgment and experience to know when a change will make a difference, and how to make it stick.

Myth Busting 

What myths would you like busted about midlife shifts in your company or career?

Just direct message me and share it with me. . And I’ll bust it in a future message.



Doug BrownBusting Midlife Career Myths-2