“… but my skills aren’t transferrable to anything else”

Dave was miserable in his law practice. Sure, he was making lots of money – and on the outside, everything seemed ok. But on the inside everything was way harder than it should have been.

He used to wonder what it would be like to do something else.

But now in his early 50s, he felt like it was just too late to make a change.

And besides, the thought “my skills aren’t really transferrable to anything else”.

This is one of the many comfortable lies that lawyers – and other professionals – tell themselves to justify continuing on a path that they decided on 30 years ago. Even though they are unhappy, unfulfilled, and apathetic about work they once enjoyed.

Here’s the truth: Mid-career lawyers have countless transferrable skills that are in high demand. They just can’t see them because they are too close to it.

I know this is the truth because I made the transition from lawyer to corporate life – and quite a few more. I’ve seen firsthand how “lawyer-skills” are a huge advantage in business.

Skills like communication, teamwork, adaptability, problem-solving, and attention to detail. Not to mention that lawyers are some of the best-trained learners I’ve ever met.

And if you’re not a lawyer you still have the same kinds of transferable skills that come with so many years of experience in your chosen field.

So if you – or someone you love – are stuck in this uncomfortable lie it’s time to stop it.

Just stop perpetuating the lie.

You have valuable, transferrable skills. And it is absolutely not too late.

If you are not fully satisfied with your career then take it upon yourself to make it better.

I can help.

I know how hard it is to even give yourself permission to engage in the inquiry.

And once you’ve done that, you’ll need a guide to help you see things clearly.

When you do, your eyes will open to the world that could be yours.

And then you get to make an informed decision about your future – and not rely on a decision made by your 20-year-old self.

So, what’s it going to be?

Take the first step today. Follow this link and I’ll help you give yourself permission … and show you how you can start making it happen right now: https://summitsuccess.typeform.com/calldoug

Doug Brown“… but my skills aren’t transferrable to anything else”