Happy Clients …

Satisfied clients are the most credible ambassadors for your practice.

Potential clients really want to know what your prior clients have experienced with you. It helps them know you are the real deal.

The only way you’ll discover what your clients would say to someone thinking about working with you is to ask them the question.

Some attorneys are reluctant to ask for testimonials because they are uncertain what the client would say.

They fear negative feedback, don’t want to impose on the client’s time, or find other excuses not to do it.

But when you do ask you can get amazing feedback that makes you feel good – and helps others know what it is like to work with you. It allows you to help more of the people you were meant to serve.

Like what happened when I asked a recent client: “What would you say to someone thinking of working with me?”

Here’s what he said:

“Doug was very insightful in making suggestions to better manage time and helped me focus on developing goal-oriented plans. I feel that I now have a great roadmap to reach my goals in the short, intermediate, and long terms. Doug’s coaching produced tangible results for me in the form of increased profits for my firm and general attitude improvement. … I can truly say that I feel happier, more productive, and am on my way to reaching my ultimate goals.”

I was honored to receive David’s heartfelt words. That’s why I do this work. To make a lasting difference for my clients.

That’s probably why you do your work as well.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what they say about you when you’re not around?

Go ahead and ask. You’ll be happy you did.


P.S. … Coaches help successful athletes see possibilities they cannot. They stay focused on the goal while the athlete says focused on preparing and executing to meet the goal. Coaches act as the beacon to direct them when they lose focus. Successful business owners, like you, hire coaches for the same reasons. If you’re thinking that you might be ready for coaching – then you are. If you’d like to talk and learn more, and see if we’re a fit just CLICK HERE and we’ll set it up. No expectations or obligations. Just a conversation in service to you as a loyal reader of my messages.


Doug BrownHappy Clients …
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Acceptance is Not Surrender

I find that people become a reflection of their environment. If you surround yourself with positive and positively energetic people then it is much easier for you to become that yourself. The opposite is also true.  Some people and situations are energy boosters. Some are energy busters – or vampires. Fortunately, you have the option to decide.

It is very easy to fall into the trap of anxiety and negativity in today’s world. Virtually all of the information coming from the media (social and otherwise) is negative. Sure they’ll put a feel-good story at the end but it hardly cures the message. And the pandemic is top of mind for everyone – as it should be. These are not great times for our society and people are suffering in so many ways.

We all must accept the situation we are in. We do not have to surrender. Acceptance isn’t agreement with the status quo. It is an acknowledgment of what is – of facts – even when we don’t like them and we’re frustrated and angry about them. Denying the facts because we don’t like them, or we’d like a different set of facts is not only ineffective, it is dangerous. Facts are facts. Now what?

Accepting or acknowledging the situation – the facts – provide the foundation for action. It allows us to take some sort of control and begin changing things. Adopting this “Yes, and” approach allows you to mindfully (intentionally) respond to overcome the mindless (instinctual) reaction. It allows you to decide what kind of energy you are going to accept, and what you are going to project. Being positive is not a rejection of facts or reality. It is simply an intentional response about how you choose to move forward.

If you look carefully you’ll see it more and more. There are still ways to do good and to feel good – things that boost your energy. Which allows you to do the same for others. You just have to be that much more intentional to find these opportunities. If you look and listen carefully you’ll see these stories coming up all around you. People are stepping up. Making masks, lending shelter, organizing virtual and distance gatherings. Others are making other choices that may not be as productive.

Our three grown 20-something kids have come back to the family home as a result of the pandemic. This presents some special challenges us, who have been empty nesters for a while. It also is challenging for them who’ve been doing their own thing for a while. Luckily we all get along. We give each other our own spaces to do our thing. And we find opportunities – moments – to be together in ways that won’t be possible in the future. Maybe it’s as simple as a family dinner or watching Jeopardy! Together. Or dust off the old board games. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be valuable and important. Because in the not too distant future they will leave the nest again and life will go back to a new normal – whatever that is. And the opportunity for these moments will be much fewer and farther between.

You can choose to live for the moment we are freed from social distancing. Or you can choose to live in the moments you have now, while you have them – knowing that it will all change soon enough.

You must accept the situation you are in. You don’t have to surrender.

You get to decide the kind of energy you want to accept, and what you want to create. You get to decide what you make of these moments. You get to decide the difference you want to make for yourself and for those in your world.

Choose wisely.

Doug BrownAcceptance is Not Surrender
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Mastering an Out of Control World | Saying No

If you want to feel more in control of your world then you need to say “no” to the things that no longer serve you. You can do this and still be in service to others. In fact, saying no to what no longer serves you can help you increase your focus, improve your energy and expand your ability to serve others – and yourself.

You can start by being more selective about when and why you choose to say “yes”. And you can take a fresh look at the things you continue to say yes to – and plan an exit to focus your time and energy on other things. Making these choices actually enhances your capacity and ability to serve those you were meant to serve.

Make a ‘stop doing’ list for yourself. Consider including saying no to:

  • Toxic people and energy busters. These are people and situations that are inherently negative or run counter to your values.
  • Negative self-talk from the voice in your head.  You know, that inner critic who finds all the things that are wrong, criticizes the littlest thing in your head and cuts you down.
  • The idea that we can only take care of ourselves after we are doing serving others. 
  • Perfectionism and the need to avoid mistakes
  • Things that used to serve you but no longer do.

Knowing that you should say no to certain things doesn’t mean it is easy to do it. 

Here are 5 ways you can try to let go of what no longer serves you:

  1. Focus on what you are moving toward by saying no to something. What will you be able to feel, see, do or think as a result of freeing up the energy you are putting into something where your heart isn’t in it?  How would it feel to remove yourself from a toxic person or situation? How will your life be better when you spend your energy on what serves you? The answers to these questions will give you power to break the pattern and make change happen.
  2. Start small to give yourself an early win and build momentum. For example, there might be a person who brings your energy down. You could simply decide to spend less time around them or to interact with them differently. If there is a co-worker who likes to complain and gossip and it brings you down then make the decision to not participate in it and focus on your work. 
  3. Find something you would like to say ‘yes’ to. Try out that activity you’ve been trying to get to or plan an activity with someone who gives you positive energy.
  4. Do something to care for yourself, physically, mentally or emotionally. Mindfulness and gratitude practices can help you see things differently and foster positive energy.
  5. Enlist an accountability partner.  Someone who can help you see your blind spots and keep you to the commitments you’ve made. Pick a person you can trust to tell you the truth. When you state your goals to someone they are much more likely to become real.

Do you want to go deeper?  Set up a free strategy conversation doug@summit-success.com

Doug BrownMastering an Out of Control World | Saying No
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Need Energy – Drink Water

Step away from the coffee machine.  Put down the energy drink.  Say no to the sugar.

The next time you’re tired and need a burst of energy grab a glass or two of water.  Often your tired feeling is your body telling you that you are dehydrated.  Adding back water will help you concentrate and be more alert.  It also allows your body to function the way it should.

Doug BrownNeed Energy – Drink Water
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