Healthy Body – Healthy Business

“The path to success is to take massive, determined action.”
― Anthony Robbins

 As business owners we need to take care of our most important, and for many, our most neglected asset – ourselves.    I’m talking specifically about the fuel we put in our tank to keep us going.  You would never consider putting diesel fuel into your gasoline car – yet every day we make food choices that do just that.  We think we are fueling ourselves but we are fooling ourselves.  I know.

Doug BrownHealthy Body – Healthy Business
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3 Ways to Spur Innovation to Meet Your Next Challenge

Sometimes it’s hard to think about innovation when you’re caught up in the day to day of running your business, finding new customers and finding time for family.

This Management Tip of the Day provides some ideas for getting ready for the next challenge.

Coach Doug3 Ways to Spur Innovation to Meet Your Next Challenge
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5 Steps to Behavioral Change

Developing yourself as a leader isn’t easy; behavioral change is hard, time-consuming, and frustrating. However, removing the five most common roadblocks to change can make your path to self improvement better:

1)  Take ownership. If you don’t think you can change, you can’t. Believe in your ability to change and take ownership before getting started.

Coach Doug5 Steps to Behavioral Change
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Teach Top Executives To Move Without Caution And Stir Innovation –

Happy to be quoted in this piece on innovation.

So much of success comes from having the courage to take risks, fail and recover.   As they say, courage isn’t the absence of fear, but moving forward despite the fear.

“People come in from the corporate life, where they think a mistake is a career-ending move,” he told IBD. “It is about courage. It’s having the confidence to take calculated risks and realizing if it doesn’t work out, how can I apply that?”

Doug BrownTeach Top Executives To Move Without Caution And Stir Innovation –
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Tips for SMBs on technology implementation

You just never know where you’re going to get the next great idea and how it will come to life. My latest idea came together after moderating the educational seminar “Leveraging Your Unused Technology — Getting the Most Out of What You Have” at the 2011 Connecticut Business Expo in June. The big idea that sprung to life lives at the intersection of human resources and technology: It is the idea of hiring technology like you hire people.

Coach DougTips for SMBs on technology implementation
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