Easy! 3 Steps to Success in the next 7 Days

Each week is a new opportunity to succeed.

You get to define what must happen for you to feel like you advanced your practice by this time next week.

Here’s how:

  1. Decide on your top 3 practice-building priorities. Pick things that provide you leverage in your practice. Things that strengthen your foundation and increase your capacity to get more done and make more money. It might be updating an important process, like how you close the deal with new clients. Or maybe finding an additional support person for your team, or finally doing the outreach to your network to get more referrals. Just pick 3. Save others for next week.
  2. Make an appointment with yourself to work on your Top 3. If it isn’t on your calendar it won’t happen. Block 45 minutes each day to work on one of your top 3. Do it at a time when you are at your best – for me that’s early morning, and not mid-afternoon. When the appointment comes, stay in the work for the full 45 minutes. When you get to the 40-minute mark you can decide whether to continue or make notes so you can pick up quickly in tomorrow’s block.
  3. Create an accountability loop. If you really want to succeed, share your top 3 things and your plan with an accountability partner. Give them permission to follow up and give you a nudge if you need it.

You might have heard this advice before. And if you are like most professionals (including yours truly), you know that it’s not enough to hear the tips. You need to practice them. And be reminded, often. It’s why the world’s best golfers have caddies and coaches.

So go forth with these easy tips today so you’ll have the success you want and deserve by this time next week.

P.S… If you don’t have an accountability partner and want to give it a try just hit “REPLY” and let me know what your plan is for the week. I’ll check in with you next week to see how it went.

Doug BrownEasy! 3 Steps to Success in the next 7 Days