Got motivation?

Don’t wait until you are motivated to take action.

It can often be a very long wait.

Especially when you are working on something out of your comfort zone.

The motivation you need might never come, or it might come too late.

Like my client, George.

He was pondering why he wasn’t motivated to do the work required to get new clients for his practice.

I told him it didn’t matter.

We had already plowed that field.

All that mattered now was being in action toward a goal he already decided upon.

To do the work.

Motivation follows action.

When you are in action you will make progress.

You will be in control. And that momentum leads to motivation.

The way to get in action is to decide.

That’s it.

Make a decision on what action you’re going to take.

Decide when you create the plan for the day.

Keep it simple, clear, and direct.

Make it something you can accomplish in the time you’ve got.

And when the time comes, act.


Motivation will follow.

Be in action.


P.S. … Really successful attorneys seek out a coach for the same reasons top athletes surround themselves with coaches.  To hone their skills, to offer fresh perspectives and honest feedback, and stay on track to their goal.

Like my client David, who recently wrote:

“Doug’s coaching produced tangible results for me in the form of increased profits for my firm and general attitude improvement. The attitude adjustments were significant enough for my wife and children to offer unsolicited complimentary observations about my overall demeanor.”

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Doug BrownGot motivation?