How to Find Qualified Clients

You want clients who are good to work with, who appreciate you, who listen to you (and follow your advice), and who pay you on time. You want them to tell all of their friends about you so that you get more people just like them. And you need them to bring you the particular kind of legal problems that you love to solve. You want “Qualified Clients”.

How can you tell in advance that someone is going to be a qualified client for you?

The answer lies in the profile of your great client; and your not-so-great client. This is the work I do with clients early on in our practice growth program. We get very specific about the identifying characteristics of A-level, B-level, and C-level clients. We do it based on actual clients from the past, and preferences for the future. And we build an avatar for each one, along with a few key indicators we can see to give us insights on whether a client is qualified.

This is the foundation of any effective marketing program. It helps you decide where and how to focus your marketing energy. It is embedded in your client onboarding process and guides how you do the work you do. It allows you to be your clients’ lawyer avatar as well.

If you are having trouble finding qualified clients then make sure you are clear and specific on your avatar and leading indicators. Have a very clear picture of exactly what each client looks like. And while you’re at it, profile your clients from hell as well. You’ll want to avoid those.

You’ll need to do this in writing – not just in your head. If you want it to work – and you actually want to bring A-level qualified clients into your practice then you need to write it down, analyze it, adjust, edit and refine it until the avatar is crystal clear – and that others can see it too.

Or, you can accept the kind of clients that are coming in your door today – when they manage to find you. Ultimately it is your choice. Choose wisely.


P.S… If you’d like to know more about finding your avatar just click here and let’s have a strategy call.

Doug BrownHow to Find Qualified Clients