It’s Just Not Logical …

Your clients do not hire you based on logic.

Your clients decide to hire you – and refer their friends to you – based almost entirely on how you make them feel. Based on emotion and unconscious urges.

In fact, researchers find that emotion is the thing that really drives purchasing behavior – and decision-making in general. The evidence supports this conclusion. Just consider why people buy one brand of a vehicle over another or live in a certain neighborhood, wear certain clothes. First and foremost it’s about how those things make them feel.

Sure, people use logic as part of the rationalization or justification for what they want to do. But logic comes second, not first. Without the emotional connection, you never get to logic.

This is why so many lawyers struggle with generating referrals and securing new clients. They are trying to appeal to a person’s logical brain – and that brain isn’t listening.

Clients hire lawyers because they have great big problems, or opportunities, that they can’t solve by themselves. These problems are charged with emotion – most often based on some fear, uncertainty, or doubt.

If you want to attract your ideal clients then you’re going to need to meet them where they are on an emotional level. Then you’ll need to show them how their life will be better when their problems are solved – and how that feels.

Take a look at your marketing messaging – on your LinkedIn or your website. Or even your “elevator pitch”. How are you connecting with them emotionally? How do you know?


P.S. … If you’d like to know more about how to connect with clients then you need to understand the journey that brings them to you. This blog post will show you how.

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Doug BrownIt’s Just Not Logical …