I am a professional speaker trained at the highest levels to inspire, motivate and help people and organizations unlock their potential. If you our your team is needs to get unstuck and break throught the blockers, blind spots and behaviors that have stalled your progress then we should talk.

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The 5 keys to increased engagement, productivity and profit.

This program is designed for:

Successful business owners, executives, attorneys or service professionals who want to maximize sales and profitability, rise above daily task and focus on the future, have more fun and be more satisfied in their work.

About me:

I am an executive coach, change catalyst and professional speaker who helps business owners and executives get unstuck and lead their organizations to improved productivity and profit. I have built my career tackling tough problems and turning difficult situations into opportunities for growth. My leadership advice has been featured in publications such as: The Hartford Business Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Inc. Magazine, The New York Post, Wired.com and Fox Business.

A former practicing attorney, I served as a global executive for the world’s top logistics company and then designed and taught masters’ programs in leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation at the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business. I most recently completed his term as chief executive of Connecticut’s largest professional association for attorneys, retuning the organization to prosperity and stability. I now serve as the Chief Operating Officer for Michaels Jewelers.

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About this program:

The road to success is littered with urgent tasks, critical opportunities, increasing uncertainty, and many distracting shiny objects.  It is no wonder that organizations find themselves sidelined while dealing with information overload, competing values and conflicting priorities.  When the wheels come off, productivity stalls, good people make bad decisions and teams get stuck. This kills momentum and drags down revenue and profit.  The question isn’t whether this happens, but how leadership responds to the challenge.  This session provides the keys to unlock the potential of your team and accelerate along the road to success.

As a result of this session you will be able to:

  • Apply a powerful formula to improve engagement, performance and profitability.
  • Identify and address blockers, blind spots and behaviors undermining your progress.
  • Implement techniques to recapture positive momentum for yourself and your team.

This program provides the framework for leaders to foster the environment teams need most – one where people are focused, connected and working together.

  • “Doug is a captivating speaker. He offers a wealth of practical information on time management, business development and general business skills for attorneys. He presents information in a way that is interesting and easy to understand and apply. Each and every time I have interacted with Doug, I have come away with a new perspective to apply to my life or business.”

    Karen J.S. Gallagher. Partner. Ouellette, Deganis & Gallagher, Cheshire, CT
  • “I count on Doug for advice on how to best structure and grow my practice, and he delivers. His insights, strategies, and tips have proven invaluable. I highly recommend him.”

    Steven Kolodziej, Esq. Law Office of Steven Kolodziej, LLC www.kolodziejlaw.com
  • “Doug worked with me to break down the barriers holding us back. He helped me see all of the pieces of the puzzle that needed solving. We are now on a positive path... Doug also helped us implement a focused approach to marketing and sales. Everyone is focused on the success of the company. With Doug’s help it’s getting fun again.”

    Dave Drescher, President, Drescher Insurance

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