The July Reset

“Every July is my reset month”, said Kate. “It is my opportunity to look at the first half of the year and adjust. It energizes me because it feels like a fresh start”.

She uses the time to reflect on all aspects of her life: business, family, community, health & wellness – and whatever else is important to her.

Kate does her best to silence her inner critic during the reset. Because it is really easy to beat yourself up about what didn’t happen – and what’s left to do.

She finds that being kind to herself is much more productive. That doesn’t mean she overlooks the bad or makes excuses.

Instead, she gets curious about why things went the way they did so she knows what to keep and what to do differently.

These insights give her the focus and power to achieve her goals.

I get at least one of these wonderful nuggets in each of my mastermind groups.

Sometimes they are really profound.

Other times – like now – they are simple reminders of time-tested ideas – like slowing down to speed up.

What would it be like to give yourself space for a July Reset?

Doug BrownThe July Reset