The Power of Daily Sprints

Is it hard for you to stay focused and on-task for large blocks of time? Do you wind up distracting yourself and getting off track or just running out of gas? Or maybe you hope for that phone call or drop in to save you.

You are not alone. Research shows that it is normal for people to need a mental break after extended periods of work. It also shows that we are far more effective sprinters than we are marathon runners.

Here’s something you can try right now, today to improve your effectiveness using the “Pomodoro Technique”.

The idea is to set a timer and sprint with intense, hyper-focused work for 25 to 45 minutes at a time. Then you take a break for 5-10 minutes and go back to it. After several sprints, you can take a longer break. During this time you shut out all distractions.

When you are in a sprint and thought pops into your head that isn’t on the task then reach for a pen and your handy notepad jot it down and keep going. Using paper and pen will keep you from distracting yourself further by flipping screens and seeing other shiny objects to distract you.

When you are in a break make it a real break. A break is not surfing the web or checking email or talking to a client. Step away from the computer and let your mind rest.

Start easy so you have some wins. A few times a day for 25 minutes at a time will lead you to the longer 45 minute time. Have the timer running with a bell that goes off. You can find a host of timers online by searching for ‘Pomodoro Timer’.

If you are a competitive person then try making the sprints a game to see how focused you can stay and how much quality work you can accomplish.

This works. Doing it can give you more productivity and more quality time working on the things that are important to build your business, improve your revenue and give you a better sense of control in this out of control world.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes

Doug BrownThe Power of Daily Sprints