The Secret of Becoming a Top Performer

Top performers in sports and business enlist coaches because they want to be more successful, not because they are weak or have failed. They are committed to being at the top of their game – and they accept the truth that we are better together than we are alone.

So it makes me crazy to hear speakers on attorney ‘wellness’ say things like “Lawyers have to be better at admitting weakness and asking for help”.   Yes, lawyers really do need to be better at asking for help. But why must it be through the lens of being weak or somehow failing?  What if we flipped the script, and tore a page from a business playbook.

What if asking for help is a sign of strength, courage, and resolve?

The truth is that seeking the guidance of others is one of the signs of success, maturity, and wisdom. It’s also good business because trying to figure it out all on your own is inefficient and expensive. It’s also no fun.

Top performers know that the right coach will:

  • Help you move out of your comfort zone and do the work that needs to be done – effectively.
  • Give you unbiased, expert personal attention from someone who knows you and your business inside and out – with the only goal being to help you be your best.
  • Tell you the truth – even when it is uncomfortable and you don’t want to hear it. 
  • Allow you to be yourself without having to worry about politics or being judged. You can share your frustrations, concerns, and fears. You can also test out ideas and decide how to approach challenges and opportunities.
  • Keep you on track to do more of what really matters, and less of what doesn’t.  High performers push themselves pretty hard – often too hard. Everyone wants a piece of them or to pick their brain. The right coach will help you establish priorities and stay on track. Your coach will provide you with an unbiased view of what’s going on – and ask you great questions to help you stay on track.
  • Show you how to make all of the pieces of your business work effectively together towards a common objective, and make the money you were meant to make so you can live the life you were meant to live.

Whether you have people in your life that do some of these things for you, or you hire a professional, or both. The important thing is to know that you do not have to be in this business by yourself. There is no special prize at the end of the road for those who go it alone. Suffering is optional.

I know so many professionals who are deeply unhappy, and unsatisfied. They feel trapped. They want something different but they don’t know what it looks like or how to get there. They are afraid of asking for help. It might be because they don’t want to seem weak, or admit they don’t know what they don’t know.  If that sounds familiar I encourage you to drop the notion that only the broken seek help. It’s just flat wrong.

You don’t have to accept the current state if it doesn’t serve you. You can seek help to change and create the life you really want. You can be satisfied, and make money, and have fun in your practice.

It’s been said that we rise (or fall) to the level of the people we surround ourselves with — the people on our team. I know that’s been true for me in so many ways. The great news is that you are in control, and you get to decide who is on your team – and who will help you perform to your full potential.

Who’s on your team?



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Doug BrownThe Secret of Becoming a Top Performer